Jenna Collins: The Grand Alliance

April, 2016

The Grand Alliance is named after the consortium of American companies brought together in 1993 for the purpose of developing an HDTV standard, a process as personal, political and commercial, as it was technological or aesthetic. The project responds to the libidinal, comedic and delusional impulses present in the archival material, thinking about what we attach to the promise of ever better images and how we imagine the process by which they are arrived at. 

If you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road.
-- Stewart Brand (1988)

Throughout April, Jenna Collins undertook a residency within the online and physical space of Quick Millions, producing an unreliable history of HDTV in the form of a screenplay and associated material based on ongoing research into how technology might be thought about in non-technical ways.

Jenna Collins' work has recently been included in; Erinyes at the Manpower Festival, Lisbon (2016), Akbank Short Film Festival, Istanbul (2016), BFI 59th London Film Festival, BFI Southbank (2015), Plague of Diagrams with Rachel Cattle, ICA, London (2015), Radiophrenia, CCA, Glasgow (2015), Modulations, with We Are Publication, Resonance FM, London (2015), Demolition Tape 8, with Paul Carr, Modern Art Oxford (2014), The Tribute, with Paul Carr, Camden Arts Centre, London (2013). Collins has participated in residencies with the Baltic Arts Centre, Gotland (2016), The Bergman Estate, Fårö, (2016), The Nordic Art Association, Stockholm (2016) Extractor Space, London (2015), Pit Theatre, The Barbican, London, (2012). Currently AHRC PHD at Kingston University.